Our service will never be superficial or accelerated, but profound, exact and adequate in time. Assisted by us, you will
  • avoid errors and mistakes, not get caught in a trap,
  • check and pursue your real opportunities, no phantasies,
  • know the truth, even if you are disappointed,
  • make your company and you more wealthy if you and we work it out well.

About us

Hansa * Real * Consultants, C.A. was founded in 1990. Hansa * Real * Consultants, C.A. is formed by a team of experts, mainly economists and specialists in international finance. The company activities are coordinated out of Switzerland, with two divisions (Hansa Finance and OSM) in London UK.

Apart from the broad consultancy and assistance in business affairs we have participated in cases of mergers and acquisitions in private banking, especially of German, Swiss and Austrian banks. Since year 2000 we have focussed on Going Public or Equity Raising by Public Offering. This is promising, since stocks in Prime and General Standards have recuperated and some stock exchanges have additionally opened up to medium sized, even small corporations (mid caps, small caps), in spite of all problems with periodically appearing financial crisis anxieties.

However, motivated by the need of many companies and businesses to generate additional liquidity, we have dedicated increasing attention to international financial and monetary markets. The world changes daily more than 3 Trillion USD in currencies. And the same world creates constantly more liquidity through the issuing of securities. This opens opportunities also for smaller "players", if diligently focussed on reasonable and feasible financial transactions.

President and CEO of the company is Prof. Dr. Nicolás H. Hardinghaus.

Prof. Hardinghaus was born in Osnabrück/Germany. Studies of Law and Economics Universities of Münster/Westf., Hamburg, Munich, Paris. Dr. (PhD) Sorbonne Université de Paris and University Munich. Until 1981 Business Lawyer, Founder and Senior Partner of International Tax Consulting and Accounting Companies in the cities of Wiesbaden and Munich. 1981 moving to Geneva. Business and finance consultance World Trade Centre Geneva. Since 1984 to date Professor of International Finance. Until 1988 Universidad Autónoma de México, Mexico City. Since 1988 Institute for International Business Administration IESA and Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) Caracas, Venezuela. Consultant for international projects Venezuelan oil industry (Petroleos de Venezuela PdVSA) Caracas from 1998 on. Since 2003 consultancy and assistance to Spanish, French, British and German companies providing equity. Mergers & Acquisitions, Take overs. From 2008 on also adviser and partner in transactions of "Private Placement" and participation in structured buy/sell programs of MTNs and other securities.
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